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From sending delivery boats to rescue Allied troops from Dunkirk in 1940 to supplying breweries around the world with malt today, Pauls Malt possesses a rich history and excellent reputation as an iconic British maltster.

As proud members of Boortmalt, the world’s leading maltster, we’re proud to offer our customers across North America a broad selection of world-class malts from this historic brand.

Proud of the Past

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Robert Paul (1806 – 1864) founded Pauls Malt in Bury St. Edmunds, England in 1842. In the century that followed, the business would grow to become one of the biggest and most recognizable malting groups in the United Kingdom.

Ships carrying Pauls Malt routinely sailed from the Ipswich docks along the eastern coast of England to the burgeoning network of breweries nestled throughout London and beyond.

During World War I, Pauls’ barges could be found transporting Allied supplies along the shallow coastline waters of the English Channel.

In 1940, Pauls supplied 5 of their boats to assist in “Operation Dynamo,” also known as the evacuation of Dunkirk, a joint effort which collectively saved the lives of more than 338,000 Allied soldiers.

Pauls Malt’s role in maritime history is overshadowed only by its reputation as an iconic British maltster that has been continuously operating for over 180 years.

Focused On The Future

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The supreme emphasis on quality and consistency that established Pauls as a leading British maltster in 1842 is still synonymous with the brand today.

With 4 malting sites throughout the United Kingdom, Pauls is well positioned to provide a plethora of base, crystal and roasted malts for any of your classic or creative recipes.

Our friends at Breakside Brewing brewed a traditional barleywine with a variety of Pauls Malts. Learn more about this special release and their notes here.

Pauls Malts

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Whether you’re seeking to brew authentic British styles like Mild Ale, ESB or Barleywine, or simply searching for a high performing base malt to bolster your New England IPA, Pauls has a plethora of base malts to choose from, each with its own unique color & specifications:

  • Pauls Maris Otter - A Classic. Bolstered by all the rich, layered depth and fullness of character to be expected of this legendary malt. Warm gold color accompanied by a sweet and rich taste.
  • Pauls Pale Ale - Quintessentially British, and the most popular of our UK base malts, Pauls Pale Ale is relied upon to produce perfect Pale Ale every time. Warm straw in color with an appealing sweet biscuit and malty taste, this is the base to use to produce IPAs of character and distinction.
  • Pauls Extra Pale - Made at the special request of our brewer partners in the UK, Pauls Extra Pale is the new standard for the British brewing industry. A whiter shade of pale, with a beautifully full and rich body on the palate. Tastes of fresh bread, malt and honey, it makes an incredibly versatile base for a wide variety of ale styles. Give it a try instead of Maris Otter and see what the new generation of British brewers have been raving about.
  • Pauls Mild Ale - Modern trends are all in favor of lighter and brighter base malts; Pauls Mild Ale is not that. Full of flavors of toast, toffee and honey, this malt is burnished bronze in color and makes unmistakable beers. A champion in Dark Mild (just call it a British Premium Ale or Pub Ale) and provides a fabulous base for barrel aged stout and barleywine. When making big beers, accept no substitutes!

Caramel & Crystals

Pauls offers a wide range of caramel and crystal malts designed to add color, nuance and sweetness to bolster your recipes.

Pauls Captains Classic Cara, Pauls Lucky Squid Light Crystal, Pauls Mark 5 Medium Crystal, Pauls Deep Diver Dark Crystal, Pauls Shellshocker Extra Dark Crystal

Roasted Malts

Pauls Reliable Lighthouse Chocolate Malt, Pauls Angry Angler Roasted Barley and Pauls Angry Bear Black Malt provide big, bold, toasty notes that thrive in Stouts, Porters or any other recipe that calls for dark color and rich, roasted flavors.

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