We know how much you pour into your craft. Preparation. Testing. Refining. We pour the same passion and commitment into our work, providing you with quality malts to bring out just the right flavor, body and profile.

Our Process

Our Process

At Prairie Malt, we believe the quality of grain you start with ultimately determines how balanced and tasteful your finished product will be.

That’s why we work with producers in the prairies of Western Canada, home to some of the world’s finest two-row barley. These passionate growers approach each crop with a deep commitment to care for the earth, reflecting our own sustainability efforts.

Once harvested, the grains visit one of our world-class malt houses. We steep it, let it germinate and sprout, then kiln it to perfection before delivering a consistently outstanding product to you.

Dreamstime Malt

Our Malts

Our vast array of base and specialty malts unlocks a world of possibilities for your brewhouse or distillery.

So whether you’re working on a new hazy IPA, perfecting that Oktoberfest lager or elevating your next barrel of bourbon, you’ll find the quality malted grains you need from Prairie Malt.

Better still, our sales team owns years upon years of experience in the industry as well as a deep appreciation for the Master Brewers and Distillers who keep moving it forward. You will value their steadfast role as they walk alongside you to build the right grist bill to bring your vision to life.

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Our Family

The diverse family of malting companies we share in common continues to grow as the Boortmalt world expands, giving you even greater access to hands-on expertise and knowledge—not to mention uniquely crafted malts—from across the globe.

We also enjoy learning from distinguished brewers and distillers like you and consider you part of the Prairie Malt family as well.

In turn, we’re proud to continually develop and expand our product line to meet the diverse tastes of your clientele. Our world is yours.

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